Welcome to the Sweater Inc. Community Round

This round will close on July 31.
Now is your opportunity to participate alongside the VCs that believe in Sweater Inc.
Community Round Progress
This round is now closed. Thank you to all that invested.
Amount raised in the Community Reg CF to date
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Invest Alongside Seasoned VCs

By joining this special community round, you'll be investing in Sweater Inc. behind our other VC partners and dozens of seasoned angels such as Motivate VC, Akuna Capital, MRTNZ Ventures, Kickstart Seed Fund, Curate Capital, Bison Ventures, Spacestation Investments, and influencers like Litquidity, Andrei Jikh, and Nate O'brien.

Sweater Inc. vs. Sweater Cashmere

What’s the difference? Watch the video for full details on the important nuances.

Venture-Backed VC Fund

Sweater Inc. is powered by VCs and angel investors. You can join them in owning part of Sweater Inc.'s future. 

Technology Ecosystem

Sweater Inc. is a technology ecosystem. The Cashmere Fund is part of that ecosystem, as is every product Sweater Inc. ever launches. 
The Sweater Cashmere Fund is an independent fund managed by Sweater Inc. The investment opportunity presented here, in this community round, is an investment in the wealthtech operating company, Sweater Inc. An investment at the Sweater Inc. level gives you exposure to all the value the Sweater ecosystem will create in the future.

If you are unaccredited, you will join through an exemption called a RegCF, which allows you to do this.

sweater inc.

sweater industries

Registered Investment Advisor

cashmere fund

Statutory Trust

Investment Parameters

Here is an overview of the investment parameters for this RegCF community round.

Terms of Investment

This community round is organized as an uncapped SAFE with a 10% discount, which will convert in the future preferred round.  

Sweater Inc. intends to offer equity in a priced Seed+ round that is currently targeted to close in mid 2023.
Sweater is in discussion with multiple VC partners and will plan to keep this Community round open until that priced round is complete.

Investment Amounts

Unaccredited investors participating in the RegCF offering can invest as little as $1,000.
Investment category
Investment vehicle
Uncapped SAFE, 10% discount
Minimum investment (unaccredited)
Just the Beginning

Traction to Date

We like to slay dragons. We build. We execute. To date, we've accomplished some huge milestones.

Venture Funding
We’ve raised over $15M from VCs and angels across our Pre-seed and Seed rounds. By investing today, your check will be right alongside them and benefit from the full vision that Sweater is building. 
It was a grueling four-year legal journey to make the Cashmere fund possible. Now that we have this in hand, we will grow the fund ecosystem with more offerings as timing and market conditions allow.
Mobile App
After over a year of development, the app successfully launched to the world in June 2022. What you see in the app today only scratches the surface of how this technology will shape the industry. 
Our Community
We have over 35,000 accounts on our platform and over 5,000 members who have invested $500 all the way up to $250k in the Cashmere.

Our communities are inclusive, loyal and active. We have big plans to harness the power help within these communities.
Fund Investments
Deal flow is strong. With the Cashmere Fund, we have made 26 investments to date. In 2022, we saw over 2,000 pitch decks, spoke with over 600 founders, and have strong ties with over 50 partner VC funds across the country. 
We have 15 incredible team members across 5 states, from engineers to analysts, and designers to marketers. We're strategic in our hires and competitive in our offers to bring the best talent we can to the forefront of the venture revolution.
Early-Stage Growth
The Sweater Cashmere Fund will primarily invest in equity of startups and early growth stage companies and, to a lesser extent, interests in private venture capital funds.
Large Portfolio Theory
Sweater’s underlying strategy is built around large portfolio theory, which means the Sweater Cashmere Fund will include hundreds of investments and will start to look more like an index fund of private, venture-backed companies at scale. A large, diversified portfolio also helps mitigate some of the risks involved in venture investing.
The Sweater Cashmere Fund primarily invests in consumer-focused companies shaping the future of products we interact with in our personal and professional lives—products used by real people, like apps on your phone or software you use at work.
From Impossible to Reality

The Sweater Cashmere Fund

It took Sweater Inc. four years to bring the Cashmere Fund to life. As evidence that it is real, you can read all the details yourself through the prospectus, SAI, and Schedule of Investments, linked on the right. Anyone can download the Sweater app and invest into the Cashmere Fund today. With this foundation, Sweater Inc. will launch additional themed funds in the future alongside the Cashmere Fund, all nested under Sweater Inc.'s umbrella.

Meet the team

We’ve already achieved what many told us was impossible. We are a team of 30 with rich experience across startups, fintech, and venture capital.

Jesse Randall

CEO & Co-Founder

Thunderbird MBA & Vermont Law

Emma Clark


Recurly & JP Morgan Chase

Jaron Jones


Amazon & SoFi

Cara Morphew

Investment Partner

Chicago Ventures & Uber

Mike Van Kempen

VP, Marketing

Acorns & SUM Ventures

Lindsey Rohde

Head of Founder Ecosystem

Galvanize & LuLu Lemon

We Know How to Reach the Masses

We walk a fine line between entertainment and education. Our objective is to capture the attention and imagination of people around the world to learn about venture capital. Our track record is well-proven, and we will continue to take the venture capital asset class to the world.

Portfolio companies

We’ve already invested in 23 startups and 3 funds from across the country through the Cashmere Fund—see a handful below. While an investment in Sweater Inc. doesn’t give you direct exposure to these companies, it does give you exposure to the fund ecosystem that Sweater Inc. is building. This includes the Cashmere Fund itself and all other funds that will launch under the Sweater Inc. umbrella in the years to come.

Raise Progress

as of: 12/1/2022

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